Become all that you were created to be

Coaching can get you there


Build a strong core. Branch out. Thrive

  • Identify and live your priorities.

  • Fulfill your purpose.

  • Get unstuck.

  • Obtain balance.  

  • Live in your sweet spot.

  • Find clarity.

  • Build health in all areas.

  • Increase satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • Achieve goals.

  • Create momentum.

  • Overcome negative patterns

  • Develop a stronger mindset.

  • Set yourself up to win.

  • Keep your inner tank full.


Areas of Specialty


Schedule an interactive workshop for your next group gathering.  The most popular workshop is "Become All That You Are."  In this class, participants have a great time learning, and developing their own plan to become all that they were created to be. The workshop takes about 90 minutes.

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Marriage and Relationship Coaching

You can change your marriage.  Coaching is about finding what works for your relationship dynamic.  You identify the thinking and actions that will improve your marriage. You improve communication. You set goals, and achieve them.  You build productive habits and routines into your marriage to make lasting changes.  Set an appointment today to see how marriage coaching can get your marriage on a good track.

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Discovery Sessions

Discover Sessions provide a safe, self-paced environment for you to become your best self, and find your sweet spot in life. 
They create light bulb moments that naturally move you forward.

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Why Broad Tree Coaching?

I am certified at the ACC level by the International Coaching Federation, and have a broad range of experience that includes 40 years of marriage, raising 3 children, women's ministry, and careers in public relations and television.  My heart is to create a warm, supportive space for you to explore what's going on with you, have breakthroughs, and learn to feel great about life.

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"Life coaching has helped me to gain confidence and hope that I can attain my goals one step at a time.  Even when I stumble on my journey, I am able to refocus my mindset and persevere forward."  Young married female client

"Kat gave a great workshop on Becoming All You are Created to Be!  She was engaging, relatable and provided many practicals that the women could apply.  We are already discussing when she can come back in 2020 for another workshop."  Stephanie Humphries, Jax Church

Autumn Road

"Broad Tree Coaching has definitely helped me refocus my thoughts when things made me feel stuck in life.  Kathleen is kind and patient and understanding, even when I'm unable to be that with myself.  I would strongly recommend having her as part of your journey!"  Single female client




This globally recognized, validated credential awarded by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) signifies that the coach holds to professional ethical standards, has completed training at an ICF certified institution, has amassed a set level of paid client hours, has completed a set number of sessions with professional mentors, has had a coaching session evaluated and approved by the ICF, and has passed the Coaches Knowledge Assessment (CKA).


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