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Being Time Intentional

How do you determine what to spend your time on?

Recently I’ve been presented with a couple of great opportunities. One is participation in regular reciprocal coaching. The other is to serve as the backup leader for a new daytime exercise class.

The trouble is that my plate is already full.

I just attended a webinar on “Be the Unicorn,” led by William Vanderbloemen, who also authored a book of the same title. The subject matter was how to stand out in the crowd, based on data taken from 30,000 top executive leadership prospects.

One distinguishing characteristic of a person who stands out in the crowd is that they’re a reliable doer.  It turns out that doers with integrity are rare. Many people name problems, but few say, “I got this.” Few do what they say they will do. Few complete a task on schedule.

This got me thinking. Am I having the integrity to do well at what I’ve already taken on, or am I spreading myself so thin that this isn’t possible?

An even better question is, am I being intentional to consider and choose how to best use my time?

One of the most valuable habits we can cultivate is having a regular time to think about what’s most important, listen to God, and align our lives with His will. However, in order to do this, we need to create space – space for this practice of deliberation and space for the changes that will ensue.

I’m posting a picture of my mint patch in my yard. Most of the plants in the picture are actually mint imposters. They look like mint, but they’re a weed. The imposters need to be weeded out so the real mint will grow better.

It’s a good visual because sometimes we have to weed the “imposters” out of our lives so that the parts that really matter can flourish, instead of being crowded out.

What do you want to do well in? What might you need to weed out? How do you need discernment?

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