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Close Those Windows!!

How many "files" you have open in your mind right now? Your internal self can be like your computer, or phone. There can be a lot of windows open! (My husband is on me all the time to cut down on the tabs.)

In the same way, many of us keep a ton of windows open in our minds -- unresolved issues, fears, worries, replays of past events. I listened to a Ted Talk recently in which the speaker, Dr. Amit Sood, said that the average person has 150 files open in their mind! Wow.

Amit said stress comes from dwelling on these open files. I can see that. We surf from worry to worry. We get sucked down lurking rabbit holes of bitterness or self-pity.

This really got me to thinking. If I want to have a better mental state, I need to X out of those windows!! I started picturing myself clicking out of them in my mind, or swiping them away, like I do on my phone.

And then, I pictured myself leaving a couple of good windows open, like the window of my connection with God, and the window of gratitude.

This has been really helpful to me! Because, let me tell you, I can spend some serious time in those unproductive files!

Is it helpful to you, too?

Here are a few good ways to X out of the windows that cause you stress.

Envision yourself closing each file in your mind. If it pops up again, close it once more.

Pray, and give the file to God. When it’s in his hand, it’s closed.

Put up the shield of faith. (Ephesians 6:16) To me, this looks like a barrier in my mind that keeps out the “fiery arrows” of worry or hurt. When I do this, undesirable files stay closed.

Organize your time, and designate times to plan. Make lists. When you know something will get done, you don’t have to keep the file open.

Live as if this is your last day. This keeps you from opening the files of concern about tomorrow. The Bible says to not worry about tomorrow. (Matthew 6:34) And tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Relish every bit of the day you have.

Focus your mind on something good, like your work at hand, or gratitude, or love. This morning, when I couldn’t sleep, I repeated Bible verses in my mind. I felt so much more peace than when I allowed my thoughts to skitter about and land on things that made me uneasy.

What works for you? Share it, and help us out.

You know, it really is a revelation to me that I don't have to let my mind go willy-nilly wherever it wants to go. I mean, I do know that, on some level, but I'm realizing that I can have so much more peace and joy when I find ways to keep my thoughts in good places.

There's a measure of peace and joy that's within our control. Let's do what we can to find it.

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