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Do You Really Want a Perfect Life?

In personal coaching, we have what we call the Miracle Question. It goes something like this, "If you could wake up tomorrow and have just the life you want, what would be different?" Discussing this question helps clients cut through the tangle of expectations and see more clearly what they want.

Yesterday, I watched a Lifetime Christmas movie called, "Christmas Perfection" that showed someone who actually experienced this. Okay, I admit it. I enjoy a sappy Christmas movie escape at any time of the year. In this movie, the lead character, Darcy, craves perfection, and especially wants to have the ideal holiday. She wakes up one morning, and discovers that her dream has come true. She's living in her perfect world, and having the perfect Christmas every day. But Darcy discovers that perfection isn't all it's cracked up to be. In the end, she misses her old, flawed life.

So it brings about the question: Do you really want your dream life? If you had it, would it be as wonderful as you think it would be?

People think personal coaching is about achieving goals. And that is certainly a part of it. But it's more about discovering what's authentically important to you, and then finding ways to live that out.

What would your perfect life be? Would it be safe and controlled, or flawed and messy? In your deepest self, what means the most to you? These are questions that are worth exploring.

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