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Obstacle #5: Relationships (Part 3)

I know that person is driving you crazy. But have you --

Complimented them? Gone the extra mile? Spent quality time with them? Given to them, even when you didn’t feel like it? Sincerely listened and conversed about their interests? Told them clearly what you expect, want or need from them? Told them what’s not okay, or what pushes your buttons? Said, “No” when you need to? Been choosy with your battles? Swallowed your petty complaints, criticisms and arguments? Acted with the expectation that they want to do good? Treated them with grace, compassion, and gentleness?

This all sounds so hard! I'm with you. I mean, all we can think of is what that person is doing that we don’t like. And we’re supposed to put that aside and focus on them? Or we’re supposed to rock the boat? Yeesh.

But this stuff is uber powerful. It’s Biblical. It’s what I tell my clients, and the women I minister to. It’s worked for me, even in the last few days!

And it’s true that there are no guarantee that it will make a difference in your relationship challenge. But you want to say that you gave it your best shot, and that you didn’t give up without doing what you could.

There are such great payoffs if it does make a difference. You’ll feel better, lighter, more able to move forward and enjoy life. The other person will feel better. God will be totally glorified.

Give these principles a go. Reach out and nurture that relationship. Keep at it for a period of time. Message me what you’re working on, and let's support one another!

(Scriptures: I Thes. 5:11, Matt 5:38-42, John 13:34, Prov. 11:25, James 1:19, Eph. 4:15, II Tim 2:24, Prov. 14:1, Phil 2:14, Gal 5:22, I Cor 13:7)

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