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Become all that you were created to be.

Coaching can get you there.

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Who are you? What's holding you back?

How can you move past your obstacles?

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About Broad Tree Coaching, LLC


The End Product:

A clear knowledge of who you are, what's getting in the way, how to overcome, and how to live in your sweet spot.

The Method:

One-on-one phone sessions create a warm, safe space in which a trained, experienced coach listens deeply, asks the right questions, and facilitates insights.  These light bulb moments lay the groundwork for growth and developing plans for change. The coach walks with you as you implement the plans and make adjustments, always calling you to find your lane, live your values, and become your best self. 

Set an appointment now to see how Transformational Coaching can be a catalyst in your life.

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God created you
with a weave of gifts, strengths, and beauty.
As you journey through life
and grow into his design,
sometimes you may feel quite stuck.
Sometimes, you may not even be sure
who you are or that you believe in yourself.
That's where a coach comes in --
to believe in you and God's plan;
to help you clear the weeds, find your path,
and become all that you are.

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Why Broad Tree Coaching?

I am certified at the ACC level by the International Coaching Federation, and have a broad range of experience that includes 40 years of marriage, raising 3 children, women's ministry, and careers in public relations and television.  My heart is to create a warm, supportive space for you to explore what's going on with you, have breakthroughs, and become radiant in who you are.

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Also Offering

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Schedule an interactive workshop for your next group gathering.  The most popular workshop is "Become All That You Are."  In this class, participants have a great time learning, and developing their own plan to become all that they were created to be. The workshop takes about 90 minutes.


Marriage and Relationship Coaching

Marriage coaching is about creating a lasting positive dynamic for your relationship. You build productive habits and routines into your marriage. You make the relationship a priority in practical ways.  You see the best in your partner.  Set an appointment today to see how marriage coaching can get your marriage on a good track.

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Coaching Options

Live Phone Sessions

This is the most popular option for a reason.  The one-on-one sessions give you space to focus on yourself.  The coach gives you undivided attention.  The potential is unlimited!

If preferred, these may also take place via zoom, or in person, for local clients.

Group Coaching

Group coaching offerings include "The Deborah Connection" for married women, and "Breakthrough Buddies" for individuals seeking to get unstuck.  The Group Coaching option offers the benefit of a reduced cost, plus support from group members.

Focused Sessions

This option, also conducted by phone, is great for those who want to achieve a specific goal in one, or a few, sessions, or who want to work on one goal at a time. Topics include:

  • Uncover Inner Barriers

  • Goal Achievement

  • Identify and Live Your Purpose

  • Have That Breakthrough!

  • Get Rid of Energy Drainers

  • Meeting Your Needs

  • Process/Gain Clarity

  • Find Your Balance

  • Build Resilience

  • Defeat Negative Self-Talk

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Life Coaching Clients:

"Broad Tree Coaching has helped me to gain confidence and hope that I can attain my goals one step at a time.  Even when I stumble on my journey, I am able to refocus my mindset and persevere forward."

“Coaching is a dedicated time where I can really unpack and see what’s driving what I’m feeling.” 

“Coaching makes me feel like, ‘Oh my gosh, someone understands!’” 

“I feel stuck at beginning of a session, but never leave the meeting in same space.”

“She believes in me, and wants me to believe in myself.”

“She takes all of the loud noise and junk, and condenses it into the bigger picture.”

“She doesn’t judge or shame, but just says, ‘How can we get there?’”.

“The greatest benefit of coaching is having someone who has your best interests at heart to motivate, encourage and be a great sounding board.”

“Being intentional with my life is important to me.  Coaching helps me focus and motivates me to achieve my goals.” 

"She helps me see the thread or theme of what is on my mind and helps me set a course to move ahead by the amazing insightful questions she asks."

"Coaching has definitely helped me refocus my thoughts when things made me feel stuck in life."

"Kathleen is kind and patient and understanding, even when I'm unable to be that with myself."

Marriage Coaching Clients:

"She helps us with our relationship goals, and gives us tools.  We have had marriage counselors prior to her, and she has been the most effective at helping us get to the root of our issues.”

Workshop Participants:

"Kat gave a great workshop!  She was engaging, relatable, and provided many practicals that the women could apply."

“Kathleen gave a workshop for our women’s group that was both inspiring and practical.  She herself is very real and approachable, and we look forward to having her back again soon!”

"She’s a very good speaker, open and honest about her life, yet exuding confidence because of her faith in God. The worksheets she handed out were so helpful in developing self-awareness."

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This globally recognized, validated credential awarded by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) signifies that the coach holds to professional ethical standards, has completed training at an ICF certified institution, has amassed a set level of paid client hours, has completed a set number of sessions with professional mentors, has had a coaching session evaluated and approved by the ICF, and has passed the Coaches Knowledge Assessment (CKA).

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